Fishing is a special pasttime – true fans like us know the true spirit of the sport. Passionate fishers, go wherever we may, are always wondering if there is a river nearby, what type of fish are there, and who wants to come along. Here at San Sebastián trips, these questions are always in our mind and we want to share the answers with you.

We offer exclusive services to our guests, staying with you for the duration of the trip and providing you with the best equipment so you can fully enjoy the experience. San Sebastián gives you access to river, lake, and ocean fishing. In the lakes and rivers, we find species like trout, salmon, and pike, and in the ocean, we find tuna, pargo, and squid.

San Sebastián trips undoubtedtly offers a wide variety of fishing opportunities. Besides the fishing experience, you can also enjoy other experiences like the local cuisines. As every good fisherman knows, after a day of fishing comes a hearty meal. Our customers also have the opportunity to cook whatever they´ve fished at the gastronomic club. If you love fishing and you’re planning a visit, you know where to find us. We would love to guide you.