Sunset at La Concha Bay

A luxury available to a lucky few


Enjoy La Concha bay in San Sebastian on a sailboat.

The San Sebastian bay is the emblem of the city and there is no better way to get to know San Sebastian than on board a sailboat from which you can appreciate in a special way all the beauty of the city.

The view from the sea is spectacular. You can see the Basque mountains and cliffs, the Christ of the Sacred Heart, the summer palace of Queen Maria Cristina and the famous sculpture “el peine de los vientos”.

Snacks on board with wine

We serve light snacks based on local products. In the meantime our guests are relaxing in a bath or simply enjoying the views.

It is a highly recommended experience

Tour description

Duration of the tour

2,5 hours

Tour inclusions

Private group

Light snacks

Wine or beer


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