Pintxos tour San Sebastian

San Sebastian food pintxos tour

Enjoy intricately detailed cuisine, where local products are combined in creative ways, resulting in exquisite mouthfuls locally called pintxos. With our tour, you’ll get local knowledge on the best of these local delicacies. We’ll take you to 5 of the best bars of San Sebastián where you’ll have the chance to try these treats. Of course, all of the pintxos are acompanied by fine Spanish wines.

The pintxos abound in the old part of San Sebastian but knowing what to order in each of the bars is almost an art. Although eating poorly in this city is difficult, but it helps to have the experience of a local expert. Our guides will show you what the San Sebastian night has to offer.

Private pintxos (basque tapas) tasting tour

Going deep into the gastronomic heart of the city, we will experience a night of food and drink like never before. From fresh prawns or baby squid to succulent beef or pork tenderloins, the pintxos tour changes every night and includes the perfect combination of traditional and modern pintxos. Come with thirst, because each of the pintxos is accompanied by a perfect marriage, from cider to whites and reds.

This tour gives you an opportunity to explore San Sebastián´s old city, lose yourself in its charming ambience, meet some locals and even act like one.

pintxos tour san sebastian

Made to order

This is a private tour that we can adapt to the preferences and needs of our clients.
Please contact us to plan your perfect tour!

The objective of this tour is that the foreign client enjoys the best pintxos accompanied by a local guide that will show you which are the best pintxos and the most famous bars of the old part of town.

San Sebastian pintxos Tour description


  • Start time: 12:00 or 07:30PM
  • Duration: 3-4 hours
  • The tour start and finish in your hotel.


  • Walk around the old town.
  • Brief explanation of the history of San Sebastian
  • Best 5 pintxos in the best 5 bars.

Tour inclusion

  • 5 pintxos + 5 drinks/ best  5  bars