Coastal villages in the San Sebastian region

Txakoli wine tour

Zumaia and Guetaria

In this tour we will focus on a very interesting part of the coast in the San Sebastian region. It is a land of wines, fishermen, and unique landscapes in the world. Some of them are the scenery of the famous Tv show Game of Thrones.

Zumaia and the cliffs

Our first stop is the town of Zumaia and the famous cliffs. The set of cliffs make up a geological park with worldwide relevance. These cliffs stand out for their rock formations called “flysch”.
What is Flysch?
Flysch is a sedimentary rock formation formed after millions of years at the bottom of the ocean. Later, with the formation of the Pyrenees and the collision of the tectonic plates, the sedimentary rocks rise to the surface and can be observed today on the Basque coast. Each layer of sediments contains biological and geochemical information of the planet earth of about 10,000 years.
In addition to the scientific importance of the site, the Geopark is also known for being the setting of the Game of Thrones series. Here was located in the series the dragon rock in the 7th season.


Wine tasting in a Txakoli winery and introduction in to local sea products.

Land of fishermen and wine tradition

The fishing village of Guetaria is one of the biggest fishing ports of the San Sebastian region. It is well known for its restaurants where they cook fresh fish and also for the txakoli wine.
In Guetaria we will visit and taste the wines in one of its wineries where they produce Txakoli, a very characteristic white wine of the region. It is a very fresh and pleasant wine that combines very well with the local gastronomy.
We will also visit a small artisanal seafood factory located right in the port. They produce high quality canned seafood such as anchovies, tuna, octopus and other highly prized and sought-after foods.

Lunch in a traditional restaurant in Guetaria

If you visit Guetaria you have to eat in one of the restaurants around the port. It is undoubtedly a must to do in the Basque region.
In these restaurants they cook fresh fish and seafood over a charcoal fire. Some of them are recognized worldwide and they are in the list of the top 25 restaurants in the world.
We arrange al the bookings for you if you need it. We need a little time in advance to make a reservation.

Tour description


  • The cliffs in Zumaia
  • Light hike if the customer required
  • Visit and tasting in a Txakoli winery
  • Visit local shop specialized in high quality sea food
  • Walking around Guetaria/ visit the church and the monument to Elkano
  • Lunch in a traditional restaurant/ meal based on fresh fish and seafood