basque recipe

Simple way to cook fresh fish in the Basque Country.

It is possible to cook the fish in a charcoal barbacue or in the oven. Both ways is necessary a strong heat.

Drizzle sun flower oil all over the fish. Do the same with the sea salt and if you want add a little bit of white pepper inside the fish.

This recepie can be used with different fish such as; monkfish, turbot, sea bream, long-finned tuna and pargos.

At the Cantabric sea we have a big variety of fish and is hard to choose one as a favourite. Some of them are seasonal so that is the best time to eat it. The summer is the time for the sardins, anchovies and tunas. The fall and the winter is the time for turbot, seabass, monkfish and seafood in general.

basque recipe

Depending on how big is the fish you will calculate the timing. It is about 10 minutes per kg and 200º celsius.  If the fish is in the charcoal fire should be 10 minutes per kilo and per each side. At the end of the process the skin should be toasted.

Once the fish is well cooked you have to remove the bones and the head. Put all the fish loins in a plate.

The seasoning. Put some garlic and cayenne in a pan with sun flower oil. Don´t burn the garlics! When the garlic turns into a yellow colour they are ready.  It is time to pour all over the loins. In the same pan put some white vinegar and when is boilig poor al over the fish. At the end add some fresh parsley.

It is a simple repie to cook fish. The most important is to use fresh fish and strong heat.

You have to try it at home!