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Outside the traditional route

This year we have had the opportunity to show our customers unique places in La Rioja. Places located outside of the most visited routes and it makes a wine tour become something much more special. From my point of view, some places in La Rioja cannot be missed. Medieval fortresses, 10th century churches and prehistoric monuments such as dolmens or burials. We must remember that this whole area is part of the Way of Saint James. All this combined with wine and local gastronomy guarantees a full experience for our clients. 

In our private tours we try to visit and taste the wines in about 4 wineries. These wineries are located between Haro and Laguardia. This area of Rioja has a very beautiful landscape. It is located at the foot of the Sierra de Cantabria and from here you can see the entire Ebro valley with the Sierra de La Demanda as a backdrop. It is an area of great winemaking tradition in which we can find some wineries dating from the fifteenth century. In the fields there are traces of the cultivation and processing of grapes dating from the tenth century. Modern wineries began to develop in the nineteenth century and the main difference is that wine begins to age in oak barrels. In other words, the wine is made in the French style. Nowadays, some wineries have built very avant-garde buildings that contrast with the architectural tradition but that will not leave you indifferent. Architects like Frank Gehry or Calatrava have left their mark. 

I hope you will be encouraged to enjoy everything that La Rioja has to offer. If you would like to do so with the help of expert guides, we would be delighted to assist you.