"river fishing in spain"

In winter, it is still possible to go river fishing in the Basque Country.  Close to San Sebastian there is one in particular that has great trout all year!  

The day was mostly cloudy which makes it perfect for river fishing.  We began the day fly fishing but with only a few nibbles and nothing to put into our basket. The brown trout on this river is quite large and so it is difficult to catch them with light equipment. 

In this photo, you see E.W.H, a professional rugby player on the Biarritz Olimpique team https://www.bo-pb.com/ , and his father.


river fishing

Fishing in san sebastian


Around 2pm we decided to stop and enjoy a light lunch on one of the picnic tables along the riverbank.  We munched on local products such as cured ham, fresh bread, cheese and wine….perfect for restoring our strength to continue fishing.  I’ve always thought that a good picnic is paramount to a successful day of river fishing.  After lunch, we decided to change our technique and began spin fishing.  It wasn’t easy, but we finally caught three great specimens of brown trout.  
Around San Sebastian, there are many rivers with abundant trout.  In spring the season expands to include all rivers and it is the best time for this sport.  I would love to take you on a fishing excursion with San Sebastian Trips!