Seabass fishing

The seabass day

It’s one of those fishing days that sticks in your mind. It was going to be a day of tuna fishing but a friend called us and told us that in a very specific area of the coast there was a huge school of fish. We decided to cancel the tuna fishing and go to the coast in search of those bass.
We prepared some black minows and the spinning equipment. The result was instantaneous. They wouldn’t stop biting. Not only the sea bass, but also other fish such as mackerel and chicharros. The activity lasted a couple of hours. When the sun came up in the middle of the day, they stopped snacking.
We decided to stop for lunch and go back to the tuna. We tried for hours but nothing, the tuna didn’t want to bite that day. Then almost at the last minute we decided to go back to the sea bass at full speed. We were very tired but it might be worth it.
So we did, as soon as we arrived we started to pull out sea bass again, but this time bigger than in the morning. It was incredible, it was like being in a dream. One of the sea bass broke the fishing rod that was resting at the height of the handle. We were lucky to catch it on the fly. It was an unforgettable fishing experience. Here are some pictures as proof of that day.

We are waiting for you at sea!