Fly fishing in the Basque Country

It was a mid-July day in the Basque mountains. The summer has been very rainy this year 2021 so the river was flowing beautifully with plenty of water.
This day I was guiding my guest and friend Bill from California. In a shallow area of fast flowing, oxygenated water the big trout awaited us.
A few minutes before Bill had lost another big trout in a previous rapid but after a while of fighting the trout escaped. So we were in a good area and the trouts were very active. I was wearing shorts at the time and didn’t have my waders on. On the third cast with the nymph the trout took it! The fight was on! She climbed up the pool, went under the rocks, jumped, got into the currents, but after all these maneuvers I managed to stop the fish. After those heart-stopping moments the fish relaxed a bit and all I had to do was wait for the right moment to net it. The fight lasted about 10 minutes but I didn’t want to show it all in the video. It was one of the fights of my fly fishing life, an unforgettable moment.