Fishing in the Leizaran river

This past season has been very successful. Our customers left very satisfied. We’ve had days of many catches. Brown and rainbow trout in a unique natural environment. We have fished in the rivers of the Basque mountains and in the Pyrenees. The fishing modalities have been fly-fishing and spinning.
Not far from San Sebastian we have the Leizaran River. It is a mighty river that flows through a very steep valley. The population of common trout is very abundant. On the other hand, in the lower part of the river there are controlled repopulations of rainbow trout and salmon. By law, trout fishing in the Basque Country is done without killing. This guarantees a stable trout population and therefore a good number of catches for the fishermen.
In addition, we always take our time to rest and eat something by the river. We always include food and also good wine that we drink directly from the goatskin boot.
The fishing laws are very restrictive so it is necessary to have all the licenses and permits in order. We at San Sebastian Trips also take care of all these formalities.
If you look for us in Instagram you will find some videos and nice pictures of our clients.
We are looking forward to our next adventure on the river!

San Sebastian is a small, picturesque city on the Bay of Biscay, which is where the Atlantic Ocean meets the French and Spanish coasts. The city’s crown jewel is La Concha Bay, a natural harbour which has provided shelter to ocean-bound ships thoroughout the city’s seafaring history, which you can see reflected on the city’s coat of arms – an open ocean schooner with sails unfurled. Until the 17th century, Donostia (San Sebastian’s name in the local Basque language) was one of the most important ports in northern Spain.  Sailing out from the picturesque old port is one of the most authentic experiences you can enjoy in our city.


Just like merchants and fishermen have done for centuries, we will set sail in search of adventure. We will head out through the steep, rocky coasts and enjoy the marine life that abounds in this area. We always have fishing rods at the ready in case guests want to set a line for tuna or mackerel. Dolphin sightings are common, and we’ve even seen the occasional whale.  After a delightful sail we will anchor in the bay, which gives us a chance to to have a swim and enjoy a sunny afternoon in the bay with an onboard picnic.

Lunch based on local products

This experience is not complete without a good lunch made of local products. We will make some pintxos, the Basque tapas that have made our city famous and wash them down with a glass of good wine. All this in a privileged setting such as the bay of La Concha. It’s certainly one of the best moments of the day.

We look forward to an authentic experience.


San Sebastian sailing

Lunch time in the San Sebastian bay