San Sebastian City tour + Pintxos tour

Visit the most interesting spots in San Sebastian and taste the best pintxos in town.

Walking & car

Enjoy the views from the amusement park at Mount Igueldo. It is the highest point of the city and stands over the bay.

Later, we drive to “El peine de los vientos” one of the most iconic places in town. This sculpture is considered the master piece of a famous artist from San Sebastian called Eduardo Chillida. It is located in the furthest corner of La Concha bay.

From La Concha bay to Zurriola beach. The little California in town. This beach is perfect to practice water sports like surfing. It is a vibrant area of the city where the Kursaal conference centre is located.

The Romantic San Sebastian in the city centre. Developed in the XIX centuries close to the old town. Inspired by the french arquitectures. Big avenues and boulevards with nice gardens and squares. We will visit the town hall, los jardines de Alderdi Eder, La Plaza Guipuzcoa and other interesting spots.

Mount Urgul, the port and the old town. We will immerse ourselves in the history of Saint Sebastian by walking through its old part and its fortifications. From the Middle Ages to the Napoleonic Wars.

Pintxos (basque local tapas)

After getting to know the city thoroughly it’s time to taste its famous pintxos in the old town. We will visit 3 bars tasting the best pintxos in each one. All the pintxos are accompanied by high quality local wines. Both white and red wines. Every bar has his own specialties and we know all of them. Some of them fish and seafood, some others meats, foie and more. Sometimes it can be complicated to order the pintxos in a traditional bar but don’t worry. We do this job while you just enjoy the food.

Don’t hesitate and get to know the city with us!

Pintxo tour san sebastian