Lourdes Sanctuary tour from San Sebastian

Lourdes and virgin Mary

The city of Lourdes is very well known amongst Catholics and is a popular pilgrimage spot, second only to Rome. It is without a doubt one of the most visited spots in France.
It’s only two hours from San Sebastian, which makes a perfect day trip.

It is located in the ‘Hutrées Pyrénéese´; a region rich with beautiful scenery, where one can feel the peace of nature and truly relax. The faith and devotion to the Lourdes Virgin compliment the area’s way of life.

Apparitions of the virgin in Lourdes

Bernadette Soubirous, a poor, illiterate fourteen-year-old teenager, claimed to have seen the Virgin Mary eighteen times in a grotto in the Massabielle site west of Lourdes between 11 February and 16 July 1858.

In successive apparitions, the message took shape:

Invitation to penance and prayer for sinners (21 February).
Invitation to live a more evangelical poverty.
Request that processions be made to the grotto and that a chapel be erected there (2 March).

Three symbols characterize this sanctuary: the wáter represents the purity of spirit, the rock represents the place of the apparitions, and the light represents faith and hope.

What to see in Lourdes tour?

The sanctuary

The cave

The viacrucis

Trip to Lourdes – France

Is located 200 Km from San Sebastian at the foot of the French Pyrenees. A place of reference for Catholics around the world and the second most visited Christian monument after Rome. The Sanctuary is spectucular and its natural sorroundings are breathe taking.

Lourdes & Surroundings

Pont d’ Espagne (35 km from Lourdes)
Puente de España “and the Valley of Marcadau is a valley with wide pine groves that can be reached by descending Lake Gaube. It offers amazing mountain views and several routes to the best lakes in the Pyrenees.

Donjon des Aigles (15 km from Lourdes)
La Mazmorra de las Águilas “is the castle of Beaucens. It houses one of the most prestigious collections of birds of prey: kites, vultures, eagles, pigargos, hawks, buzzards and parrots. It includes shows during the summer season.

Parc Animalier des Pyrénées (10 km from Lourdes)
This zoo is located in the heart of the Pyrenean system. It welcomes local animals including bears, wolves, chamois, marmots, lynx, roe deer, otters, foxes and squirrels.

Circus of Gavarnie (50 km from Lourdes)
UNESCO world heritage site, with its spectacular vertical drop of 400 m, accessible after a couple of hours walk from the village of Gavarnie.

Lourdes Sanctuary tour from San Sebastian