Peñas de Aya, edge of the Pyrenees mountains

This natural park is the westernmost edge of the Pyrenees mountains. Located between the Bidasoa and Urumea rivers. It is about 832m high in altitude above the see level and it is the only granit rock in the basque country that emerge from the ocean 300 million years ago. It contains beautiful pine, beech, and oak forests. What’s more, wildlife abounds – chances are, you’ll run into a wild animal or magnificent bird. You will find also impresive magalithic monuments on the way.

At the foot of the mountain we will find Ardi Iturri Roman mines. The Romans arrived here looking for iron and silver 2000 years ago. They carved deep caves and tunels in the rock and now a days you can go throught it. We’ll work our way across beautiful forests and crystal-clear streams, even having the opportunity to take a dip in the deepest places.

You have two options to take on the route: a relaxing stroll, and one a bit more rugged –you decide!

Lunch in a traditional Basque restaurant

After exercising we deserve a good meal and what better than visiting a cider house in the region.

Cider houses are informal restaurants where local cider is produced. They have barrels full of cider and large dining rooms for customers.

The menu is based on local products such as fish, ox steaks, local cheeses and cider. All the cider you can drink!