In this tour besides enjoying the beauty of the French Basque coast we will also enjoy its gastronomy. We will focus on the gastronomy offered by the traditional French markets. In these markets you can find from the typical cheeses of the region to fresh oysters brought from the neighboring bay of Arcachon. Truffles, fish and wine are also very appreciated. White wines from the French Basque area and red wines from the Bourdeaux region.












We will visit the traditional markets of Saint Jean de Luz and Biarritz. These markets are located in the historical center of the city and are a meeting place for its inhabitants. They are small typical markets where each stand has its specialty. In some of this stands you can choose the products and eat them right there. If you like seafood there is nothing better than some fresh oysters accompained with white wine. For those who are not fans of the raw oysters  they can choose a different seafood or simply taste some of the local products that are not raw.








In addition to the markets, there is a wide range of typical French restaurants and if you know where to sit and eat you can enjoy excellent quality French food at a very good price.

Besides all this gastronomic offer in this tour you will have the opportunity to enjoy the landscapes and the environment of the French Basque Country. It is without a doubt a complete experience.