weather in the basque

The weather in the Basque Country and Northern Spain is different than the rest of Spain.

The typical weather a tourists thinks of when they travel to Spain is dry and sunny, and it is true, but not in the north. On the Cantabrian coast the weather is cooler and rainy due to the Atlantic sea that bathes the northern coast of Spain. In these latitudes the Atlantic Sea is a cold sea so its influence is felt in the summer. On the other hand, in the winter the sea does not get as cold as the atmosphere thats why we also have winters with mild temperatures. Rain is never absent so if you come to the Basque Country you will see that everywhere you look everything is green.

So, while in the rest of Spain in summer it can be 100 degrees F, in the north we are at about 80 degrees F.

In the north of Spain the climate is Atlantic while in the rest of Spain it is a more continental Mediterranean climate. In other words, if a tourist wants to avoid the heat during the summer months the Basque Country and the north in general is the best option.

In addition to a perfect temperature we have beautiful beaches, mountains and villages to visit. Of course, the famous Basque gastronomy is always a great attraction.