San Sebastian private tour

San Sebastian is known worldwide for its gastronomy and its beaches but it is also important to highlight its cultural and artistic offer.
In this case we want to focus on the artistic offer of the region of San Sebastian.
In the city are scattered different works of Basque artists such as Eduardo Chillida, Jorge Oteiza or Cristina Iglesias.

In this short article I want to highlight only the most important things to visit.

The Comb of the Winds

One of the most outstanding works of art is undoubtedly “The Comb of the Winds” by Eduardo Chillida, one could say that it is one of the symbols of the city. It is located at the end of the bay of La Concha on the rocks. It is an idyllic place where tourists can enjoy the scenery and capture some beautiful photos by the sea.

san sebastian artsan sebastian art

Chillida Leku

Eduardo Chillida is a universal Basque artist who has a museum dedicated to his work on the outskirts of the city. The museum is located in a 15th century Basque-style country house with large gardens where the art pieces are scattered. Eduardo Chillida worked with different materials such as iron, wood and stone. It is a place worth a visit.

The lighthouse of Santa Clara Island in San Sebastian

On the island of Santa Clara in the bay of La Concha in San Sebastian was recently inaugurated the work of the Basque artist Cristina Iglesias. It is located inside an old lighthouse and is made of bronze. It is a representation of the seabed and specifically is a representation of the unique Basque coastal landscape. It has very curious and capricious forms as if sculpted by the water and the wind. It is undoubtedly the masterpiece of Cristina Iglesias. To access it is necessary to obtain tickets through tourism in San Sebastian as the capacity is very limited so hurry up and get your tickets.

san sebastian art

In short, the artistic offer of san sebastian is exciting and worth a visit.